Building Blocks provides each child with individual experiences in:

  • learning to relate to and respect other children and adults (negotiating, problem solving, and  co-operating)
  • exploring curiosity and understanding about their world
  • introducing and encouraging creative skills
  • developing a feeling of positive self-image and confidence
  • stimulating intellectual development 
  • interacting with other children in group situations
  • learning the concept of self-discipline
  • functioning independently
  • promoting fine and gross motor skills
  • developing listening and language skills in various structured and unstructured activities
  • initiating, selecting and organizing their own play in unstructured activities
BBPS Building Blocks Daycare Centres Medicine Hat encourages children to develop an "Awareness of the World around Me".  This is the Daycares yearly theme and is tied together with the monthly themes and activities of the program.  We believe that in order to provide a successful Daycare program, children are recognized as unique individuals who have the right to develop creatively, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically to his or her own potential.  Building Blocks Childcare Centres Medicine Hat encourages this development by providing a playful, nurturing and safe environment. 

Philosophy of the Program 

​At BBPS Building Blocks Daycare Centres Medicine Hat, we offer structured, unstructured and routine activities.  We follow the philosophies of early childhood education and thus recognize that play is the work of children and is a requirement to a child's well being.  Play stimulates a child to learn and is vital for his or her growth and development.

Welcome to our new website and thank you for visiting BBPS Building Blocks Day Care Centres Medicine.

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​We are two of a handful of early childhood education based Daycares here in the city of Medicine Hat or as we locals call it, the gas city.  You will find this website is packed full of information about our program and staff.  If, after viewing our website, you have any questions or would like to set up a tour of one of our Medicine Hat, Alberta facilities located in Southlands / Southridge and Southview please feel free to contact our Director, Andrea Coulombe, via email or phone.  Once again we would like to thank you for your interest and hope that we hear from you very soon.

Alberta Child Care Subsidy

​Like all Alberta child care facilities, we are proud to offer the Alberta Daycare Subsidy Benefit.  This allows children more access to early childhood education facilities, such as BBPS by subsidizing a portion of the Daycare fees. Application forms and the Information Guide for the Alberta Child Care Subsidy are available to download online, can be picked up at 101 Provincial Building, 346 - 3rd Street S.E, City of Medicine Hat Alberta, on the Government of Alberta Child Care website or at one of our BBPS Building Blocks Chilcare locations in Southlands or Southview.